Thursday, November 13, 2014

Advanced topics in Workspaces

OK, here we go.

First, What is VDI?  Just Kidding......

Example Co is a manufacturing company is hiring 100 contract workers.  Need 100 desktops with access to on-premise network resources, line of biz apps, remote access, bring your own device

They are moving new apps to cloud (AWS)

Home Network

VPN connect back
Active Directory

AD Connector Setup Ports and Routes:  Long table


Doing subnetting for the workspace desktops

Talking about PCoIP protocol using TCP and UDP 4172.  Workspaces are dual homed machines.  Eth0 talks to device, Eth1 talks to other AWS resources and Internet

PCoIP gateway,

Great visio of the architecture.  Need to get it.

Custom Images with Amazon Workspaces.  This is new where you can use your own images into Workspaces.

You can make an image add hardware resources and create custom bundle.

Demo of this.

Cool stuff.  Going through how you can add patches into the images and then deploy to all.

No-Brainers for the Future:
APIs Support, Bulk Action and Search on AWS Management Console, Custom naming of Workspaces, AWS Cloudtrail and CloudFormation integration, Tagging Workspaces, Enabling public IPs via AWS Management Console, Full File Client Installer

Top 10 Workspace Tips
1.  Identify your closest AWS region (
2.  Build one custom image - use with different Bundles and Directories
3.  Billing is monthly, not hourly
4.  Use MFA
5.  Workspace rebuilds use latest image associated with the bundle, plus D drive backup from the last 12 hours.
6.  Use multiple AD connectors against the same AD (one for pre-prod, one for production)
7.  No data transfer charge for inbound data to your WorkSpaces
8.  Use the EXACT printer driver
9.  Watch for expiring AD Connector account password
10.  Use policy file to control remoting features:  c:\program files (x86)\Teradici\PCoIP Agent\configuration\pcoip.adm

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