Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Part 2

I thought I would publish Part 1 so that you can read it in real time.

Really help the customer on the journey.  They know the end but don't know how to get there.  Work with a three way partnership CIO, partner, and AWS.  You really need that CIO at the customer to buy-in.

Customer Obsession.  Leaders start with customer and work backwards.  Successful partner ships, had certified staff, embrace Dev/Ops, enable migration, managed services, security best practices.  Talking about ATO's with government at DoD.

Customer-Focused Launches:  Germany region, lower prices, SSD backed EBS, New instance types, DOD ATO.

Invent and Simplify:  2014 AWS Innovations are AWS Mobile Platform, AWS Zocalo, AWS Marketplace, 48 new Redshift Features.  

Successful partnerships:  Deliver Software as a service, embrace on demand licensing, develop value added solutions, move fast

Think Big:   2014 AWS Investments:  Regional Expansion, Global Field Team, Partner Funding, Vertical Expertise.  

Successful Partnership:  Go "All-In" with AWS, Disrupt Traditional Models, Operate Globally

Terry back on the stage.  New partner requirements.  New Premier Consulting Partner Tier.

New training and certifications.

APN Competency Program by either Verticals or Workloads.  New competencies including Healthcare and Cloud Migration.

Bi-directional customer registration with opportunity submission tracking.  Engaging together with customers..AWS Professional Services.  Partner led not AWS led.  Bootcamps, etc.

AWS Managed Service Program.

Next part of program is Invent and Simplify.  Tiffani Bova from Gartner is now on the stage.  She does Sales Innovation and Automation.

Three things we know for sure... Technology is changing, customers are changing, partners need to sell differently

The story so far..... reimagining IT, amplifying the enterprise, taming the digital dragon.  It is all about the customer.  Reinvent the "how"  Reimagine what is possible.

Over the next decade, NO industry will escape profound digital disruption.   Blurring digital and physical world.

Today's buyer:  Does their own research, talks to providers directly, reaches out to their trusted network, and is overwhelmed with information.  You can't own the buyers journey like you used to.

What got you here won't get you there.  1.  Level 1 outbound leads are drying up.  2 Unpredictable pipeline.  3.  Deal rates are decreasing

Adding sales people does not meet added sales revenue.  Become customer centric.  Who do you want to hire next?  Don't hire your competitors best sales peron.  Think about five years from now.

Think big but act small.

Terry back on now.  New AWS SaaS Partner Program.  Talking about the public sector now.  New offerings for public sector.

Education programs, FedRamp partner workshop, partner ignite AWS services sessions.

Malik Zegdi from Conde Nast on the stage now.  Talking about challenges with deploying media and how hard it is to try new things.  Static infrastructure and high capital investments.  This last guy is killing me.  So slow.......... Zzzzzzzzz.  Caffeine buzz wearing off quickly.  I have no idea why they picked this guy.  Three awesome speakers and then broken English and low energy.

Ok, I'm signing off for this session.

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