Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I am now just sitting at a table on the lower level waiting until 11.  They didn't do that great of a job of having all of these people here with nothing to do until at least 11.  I did find a pizza place that serves Pizza 24 hours a day.   Plus the Las Vegas Sun calls Rock of Ages at the Venetian, "Totally Bitchin."  That's good to know.    I'm staring at a wall of monitors that just rotates between that and the Motown show called Human Nature that has a boy band as the singers.

I would say Macs outnumber Pc's by 2 to 1 in my rough count.  I'm actually kind of shocked by that because I thought there would be more corporate type Dells and stuff. I guess with AWS all you need is a browser and a command line.  Enough rambing for now.

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